Brian Solis is  a media guru. He is an author of four books, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a web-show host. According to his website, he has not only studied but influenced “the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture.” In addition, Solis is the author of a blog that is among the top 1% of all blogs tracked by Technorati.

When you read Solis’s credentials, you cannot help but be impressed and interested in what he has to say about the relationship between business and social media. After you read his blog entries, if you are not motivated to take his tips of success and apply them in your job, internship, or whatever business venture you are currently pursuing, then I would question your dedication to your work.

In much of Solis’s work, he focuses on the way that businesses use social media to engage it’s viewers, consumers, participants, etc. Solis says that businesses need to look at engagement as “an opportunity to close existing gaps between an organization and its stakeholders.” It is simply not enough to just create a social presence. To be successful, a company must go beyond just being online – they must interact with their target audience.

The most interesting post that I read of Brian Solis discussed a common marketing term. In many classes, I have had to memorize “the four p’s of marketing.” In Solis’s blog, he introduces a fifth “P” and it is people. The idea of people being the fifth “P” is very intuitive. After all, where would price, promotion, product, and placement be without people there to utilize these marketing functions? Solis brings his blog post back to the topic of social media because in order for a company to use the fifth marketing “P,” there has to be a way for the organization to reach this fifth “P” with the company’s message of product or service. Solis maintains that efficient use of social media can bridge the gap between the four marketing “P’s,” price, promotion, product, placement, and the fifth, people.

Solis’s most popular tags are Books, Business – Marketing, Social Media, and New Communications.

Brian Solis’s blog is a helpful tool for any public relations professional because the tips given come from a reliable and successful source.

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