After joining the Digg site and browsing around, I have come to the conclusion that Digg could be viewed as being the communication industry’s version of Pinterest. For the average public relations professional who wants to be “in the know,” Digg is definitely the place to go.  That totally just rhymed and if that phrase goes viral, I definitely coined it – even if it is rather cliche.

Moving back to Digg, here is how the site works. Any Digg participant can submit a link to something that said person finds to be interesting, dumb, hilarious, or just plain fabulous. The submitted link is then passed around the Digg site and fellow Digg users can view and rate the content. By clicking “Digg” on the submitted material, the “clickee” is giving their approval to the submission. A “Digg” works in the same way that a “like” on facebook does. It is simply a thumbs up to a viewed story, picture, etc.

Digg is the perfect way for something to go viral. For the public relations professional, it is another way to get your message out there to the public as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On Digg, there are many cool features. First, there is “My News,” which is an accumulation of topics that Digg figures you, the viewer, would like based on your previous diggs and viewed content. Neat, huh? I think so.  Next, there is “Top News,” and this page is a collection of the top news (duh) across the Digg site. The more diggs a story has, the better chance that is has on appearing on the “Top News” page. This page is also organized by categories like business, entertainment, gaming, and offbeat. These broad groups pretty much guarantee that something will peak your interest.

Digg’s newest addition is the Digg Newsroom. The newsroom is much like the “Top News” page but it includes the top selections from all over the web – not just from the Digg site. In addition, any submission on Digg can be commented on, saved, and shared.

Because Digg is user-friendly and can help promote (positive) materials to the public quickly, the use of Digg by public relations professionals would be wise.

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